Sunday, April 2, 2017

Upward and Onward! Route 66 Marathon (or bust)!

Well.  I did it.  I have committed to the 2017 Williams Route 66 FULL Marathon. (I haven't registered yet, but I'm saving my pennies to register.)

The whole idea is daunting and scary and exciting at the same time.   A full marathon?! Am I kidding myself?

No I'm not.  I'm committing to finishing the 2017 Williams Route 66 Marathon this year.

I've been very quiet in my blog for a long time.  But I have been running and training fairly consistently for the past year.   I am not as consistent as would like to be, but I am still working on it.

Unfortunately, I most likely will be doing most of my training runs by myself, or with my dog.  

There are many benefit to having a running partner or joining up with a running group or club. To name a few:

  • Camaraderie
  • Accountability
  • Encouragement and pushing from other group members when the going gets tough
  • High 5s and Cheers from other group members when you make improvements
  • Developing new friendships/relationships
  • Deepening already established friendships/relationships
And many more!

Alas It's hard for me to join up with local running groups regularly. Whenever a new training session is announced, I plop my money down with good intentions of training with the group. And I actually get to make one or two group training runs.

However making the group runs regularly is just not possible for me and my family's schedule.

So I'm going to be dusting off my blog and sweeping the cobwebs out of the corners.

I hope to make some new online friends, and I really desire that we can encourage, push, and cheer on each other as we train and better ourselves.

I'll be mostly posting about my running and fitness journey.  But I'll also be posting about my life as a whole as well.  I run and train so that I can have a healthier and happier life.  It only seems fitting that I would include a little bit of my non training life in my blog.  

And just to be upfront and honest.   My life is crazy, a bit chaotic, and full.  My life is not full of fun and rainbows everyday, but I love my life and my family.   My house is not the cleanest house, but it is a home (yes you might see pictures with my laundry piles, or sinks full of dishes, or stained carpets in the background).

If you are expecting this to be another fitness blog where the author is the perfect 10 with a perfect home and a perfect family... sorry you will be disappointed.

But if you have no expectations whatsoever... then please come on in!  Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, lace up your training shoes, and join along with whatever training plan you are working through right now.

Hugs and God Bless

   Angie D.